Enterprise Structure

Our R&D is based on the already existing technologies and aims at creating new and innovative electronic products. Through our efforts, we hope to create more added values for our customers.

About Chao Long

Chao Long was founded in 1973 and all these years we have been working hard to develop and create instruments for vehicles. Along the development of the automobile industry in Taiwan, we have become the leading Taiwanese industry in the sector. Since 1986 we have been in cooperation with the Japanese Yazaki and Denso and the English Visteon, to introduce even more professional equipment and technologies.

Up until now, not only have we supplied the domestic demand, but also we have sold our products all around the world. The international competition is very strong and there is a general trend in which the products are varied but not big in quantity. Therefore we have worked in collaboration with our partners to design and develop new products to cope with the ever-changing market demand. In the last 40 years, we have been growing steadily and our turnover has been increasing every year. With the current quality control measure and the promotion to automatize production, (such as QS9000, Q1, TPS, and TPM), our main quality policy has been to “create a quality advantage and to pursue the satisfaction of our customers”.


  1. Chao Long


    Chao Long Motor Parts Corp. was founded

  2. 1986

    Chao Long started a technical cooperation with Yazaki for vehicle instruments

  3. Awards


    Certification ISO 9002

  4. Awards


    Chao Long won the Ford Q1 quality award

    Obtained the certification QS 9000

  5. 2000

    Chao Long started a technical cooperation with Denso for vehicle instruments

  6. Jiangmen Subsidiary


    The Chinese subsidiary was founded

  7. Awards


    1.Chao Long obtained the certification TS 16949

    2.Chao Long started a technical cooperation with Visteon

    3.Chao Long obtained first prize for excellence JIMP TPM

    4.The Indonesian plant was founded

  8. Awards


    Obtained the certification OHSAS 18000

  9. Chao Long Thailand


    The Thai plant was founded

  10. USA


    New energy in vehicle area and USA & Shanghai research center established

  11. Chao Long Nanjing


    Nanjing factory was founded.

Latest News

  • 2017-04-21

    Kyourokukai General Assembly and Manufaturers’ Conference

    Original Price Improvement Excellence Award – Chao Long General Manager Song Rui-de

    In line with YARIS / VIOS model development, and thanks to its rich experience and suppliers’ management, Chao Long has effectively reduced the costs, and was thus awarded the Excellence Award.

  • 2017-04-20

    YAMAHA co-development award

    Chao Long manager Wang Yong-hsiang accepts the awards

    In line with Aerox model development, Chao Long has developed products with Yamaha and together they were successfully listed in the Southeast Asian Market. For this reason it was awarded the Excellence Award.